Case of the Month: Archives

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstructions require a lot of time and planning in order to achieve the best results. This patient wanted imperfections in his perfect restorations in order to achieve a more natural look.

Full Lower Implant Supported Reconstruction

This case was restored using six Astra EV implants and two semi-precision attachments making the bridge in three parts. The #13 was also restored with a screw retained implant crown.

No Prep Veneers

A purely cosmetic case, this patient wasn't happy with the appearance of his smile so it was enhanced with no prep veneers on the laterals as he was happy with his centrals. The case was done with e.max Veneers.

Zirconia Milled Bar on 4 Implants

This case was began with a denture setup for try in of aesthetics and to confirm VDO. After successful try in and approval of aesthetics, a Zirconia bar was milled with build up of porcelain build up on the anterior 8 units. The posterior 6 were milled at full contour, however the incisal third was cut back slightly in order to achieve a nicer aesthetic.

Cosmetic Dentistry with 20 Emax Crowns

Unfortunately, we don't have the before and after pictures of this case, but it was a beautiful cosmetic makeover with 20 emax crowns - 10 on the upper arch and 10 on the lower.

Lower Reconstruction with Screw Retained Implant Crowns

The treatment plan for this patient included 8 screw retained implant crowns on Astra Implants to match the previous implant crown and bridgework we finished on the upper arch a few years ago.