Elita Implants

Looking for a lab that has a track record for working with difficult dental implant cases? Look no further! We have a reputation for our extensive experience and knowledge in implantology. So, if you’re looking for the best implant dental lab in Toronto, you just found us!

We pride ourselves on being a leader in implant technology since it was first introduced in Canada in the 80s. Working closely with the most prominent dentists in Canada, we were able to achieve results that only nature made functionally better.


Whether a single or multiple tooth replacement, we’ll work equally as hard to ensure quality fits. For surgical simplicity and prosthetic versatility, a traditional fixed bridge is the prosthetic modality of choice.


Implants can be utilized to hold the dentures in place more securely – this can improve the fit and function of dentures. Lower dentures require two implants to properly hold them in place for normal function, one on each side. Additional implants will provide additional stability.

When patients have had severe bone desorption from previously wearing a lower denture, a ball-and socket supported implant or bar-retained overdenture will be the treatment of choice.


Whenever possible, traditional fixed bridges are the prosthetic modality of choice. In certain cases, especially in maxilla cases that have combined vertical and horizontal desorption, quality of bone, and position or flare of implants, traditional fixed bridges are not recommended. It would not meet patient requirements for hygiene maintenance, esthetics, phonetics, and comfort. The alternative is the rigid supported bar removable prosthesis.


We’ve continually improved our CAD/CAM department with upgrades for the latest technology. With a strong arsenal of milling machines and 3D printers, we’re able to provide dentists with the latest in digital dentistry.