Other Products

These are additional products that Gordana Dental Art Studio has to offer:

  • Sport Guards
  • Night Guards
  • Bleaching Trays
  • Surgical Stents
  • Radiographics

Night Guards

Many people grind their teeth while sleeping – night guards are the most common solution to help control the problem. Night guards can be purchased over-the-counter, but generally don’t fit well and can dislodge during grinding. That’s why it’s essential to have a custom fit night guard to fit a patient’s mouth to ensure comfort and stability throughout the night. We provide the following night guards: 3D Printed Keyspint Soft Thermoplastic, Pankey, Kois, Melkers and Dual Arch. All night guards are 3D printed in either thermoplastic or hard resin.

Sport Guards

A mouth guard should be part of every athlete’s necessary gear, no matter what the sport. It’s better to play it safe than face a devastating and painful injury.

For the best results, custom fitted mouth guards are more secure in the mouth and do not interfere with speech or breathing. Custom-fitted mouth guards are essential for those who wear fixed appliances such as braces or bridgework.

Bleaching Trays

According to most studies the biggest problem with home use bleaching is poorly constructed trays.

At Gordana Dental Art Studio we have a department dedicated to the fabrication of bleaching trays. Here, we fabricate trays for any system:

  • Rembrandt Lighten
  • Ultra Lite
  • White & Brite
  • Dentbright

Bleaching trays are trimmed and precisely adapted to teeth for ideal patient comfort. Our trays eliminate material seepage and gingival sensitivity.

Radiographic Stents

Radiographic stents are used to determine the exact placement of implants during treatment planning. They can be very useful to ensure precision prior to going to a surgical guide. We produce these at the doctor’s request and upon approval will create the surgical guide to proceed with the case.

Surgical Stents

A surgical stent is placed over the ridge after teeth are extracted. Pressure points and undercuts are readily visible and surgical ridge correction can be performed.

The duplication of the master cast used for construction of the surgical stent to be used at the time of immediate denture insertion is best made after wax elimination and after the cast is trimmed.