Custom Shade Matching

Shade matching is an essential part of creating natural looking restorations and we are known for our high level of detail and artistry when it comes to making our restorations as beautiful as a patient’s natural looking teeth.

Our patient room for shade taking was purposely placed in one of the most naturally well-lit areas of our lab. We believe that natural light is the best way to take and determine a patient’s shade. We use high quality digital photography to match a patient’s shade. Photos are then displayed in our porcelain department on multiple screens to assist in the process.

Patient can’t come to us? You’d like to be part of the shade taking process? Not a problem, we’ll come to you wherever you are with all the necessary gear in tow. We’re here to work with you, so no trip to a doctor’s office is too tough for us; actually, we enjoy taking the time to visit your offices.