Removable Prosthetics

Our removable prosthetics department is a key element to our lab’s ability to service doctors with all their dental needs. We offer a wide range of services in this department, including full, partial and overdentures, combination cases, as well as attachments and night guards. For additional removable prosthetics, see our ‘Other Products’ tab.

Full Dentures

Implant restorations can be overly expensive for many patients, that’s where removable prosthetics can be the perfect solution. Building quality full dentures that leaves patients with a beautiful smile is what we strive for. We work with several different suppliers and will work with you to determine the best fit for each patient.

Implants can be utilized to hold the dentures in place more securely – this can improve the fit and function of dentures. Lower dentures require two implants to properly hold them in place for normal function, one on each side. Additional implants will provide additional stability.

When patients have had severe bone desorption from previously wearing a lower denture, a ball-and socket supported implant or bar-retained overdenture will be the treatment of choice.

Partial Dentures

We take great pride in the art of fabricating quality partial dentures. Although we utilize only the finest materials and latest manufacturing processes, it is the skill and experience of our technicians that make the real difference.

Over Dentures

The greatest advancement in the modern era of dentistry is the dental implant. While it is useful in replacing missing teeth, the most dramatic and significant usage is in implant overdentures.


Precision attachments are used in a wide variety of dental restorations to solve problems such as, inadequate room, slanted teeth, lack of suitable abutment teeth, the need for a removable prosthesis, esthetics, etc. Our broad and extensive knowledge of all the possible solutions assures you of alternatives when solving your dental problems.

We use all types of precision attachments – Ceka, MK1, Sterngold and others.