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Digital Dentistry Post COVID-19

Digital workflows bring efficiency, accuracy and predictability to the dental lab and dentist’s environment, however in the wake of COVID-19, there will be an increased need for it from a sterilization standpoint. If you were reluctant or debating adopting a digital workflow, the current global pandemic will catapult you into it.

Keeping you safe in the wake of COVID-19

Coming out of such an unprecedented time is scary. Making sure you take all the precautions possible to keep everyone safe is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve made several design changes to our open concept lab and implemented health and safety protocols to protect not just our team, but your office and your patients.

Post COVID-19 Relationship With Your Lab

The dental industry will change drastically in the aftermath of COVID-19. Patients will be reluctant to go to a dentist to begin with, let alone to be in a small room filled with assistants and lab technician. So what does this mean for continuing to provide quality work to patients when things return to “normal” after COVID-19?