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Neodent Implant System Launches in Canada

Neodent is the 4th largest implant company in the world and has finally launched in Canada. Read about their Morse Taper Connection design.

Selecting the Right Type of Implant Bar

What is the most important criteria for an implant bar? Passivity, hygiene, comfort, aesthetics, ease of design and manufacturing.

Panthera Master Cup Contest

Our Removables Dept Director has been chosen to be among only 10 around the world to compete in the Panthera Master Cup Contest. Read more about the contest.

A Candulor Denture

Check out this latest Candulor Denture from our removables department!

Full Contour Zirconia That Packs a Punch

While there are several various types of full contour zirconia - and we know, we’ve tested just about all of them - nothing seems to come close to the aesthetics of the Zirlux FC by Henry Schein.

Porcelain Veneers – 4 AGD Points – Thursday, June 7, 2012

Please join us on Thursday, June 7th @ 6pm for Porcelain Veneers worth 4 AGD Points. Speaker: Dr. Harold Berenstein, D.D.S. (Prosthodontist)

1000+ Cases

In 2012 we implented a new system of numbering our cases starting from 1 in January. This will help us stay organized with patient records. Each number until the end of the year will be unique for every patient.

Welcome back, Oleg!

We’re thrilled to announce that, Oleg Glozanski has returned to the lab as a senior manager and director of the denture department.

Titanium makes it’s way back on the scene.

With the astronomical increase in the price of gold, the one good thing that has resulted is the emergence of testing and using new and old alternatives to gold.

Quenching our thirst to educate.

We love upgrades! We love our most recent lab upgrade more so than any other we’ve had more recently.