Case of the Month

Full Mouth Reconstruction

The issue.

The patient had been wearing full upper and lower dentures for 15+ years and was unhappy with the fit, function and overall aesthetic look. The patient wanted a fixed prosthesis and was a good candidate for implants.

The treatment plan.

We started with Mock-Up Set-Up for design planning and patient approval of aesthetics. The set-up also allowed us to check the vertical dimension (VDO) and verify the occlusal plane and level.

After approval of the aesthetic and function, the mock-up set-up was used for to produce a radiographic guide which was later converted to a surgical stent. After the implants were placed, the decision was made to do a cementable case in three segments with two interlocking attachments on the upper and one interlocking attachment on the lower.

For the abutments, we used 8 Atlantis Custom Abutments on the upper and 8 Astra TiDesign Stock Abutments on the lower.

The final product.

  • 25 PFM Crowns:
  • #16 – #26 in three segments
  • #36 – #46 in two segments