Full Contour Zirconia That Packs a Punch

While there are several various types of full contour zirconia – and we know, we’ve tested just about all of them – nothing seems to come close to the aesthetics of the Zirlux FC by Henry Schein.

While the shape of full contour crowns comes from the design using CAD/CAM technology, final aesthetics come down to the product. The Zirlux FC material has a beautiful translucency to it, allowing us to get a very natural and aesthetic final restoration.

So, if this material is so superior to other types of full contour zirconia, why aren’t other labs offering it? Well, unlike our lab, not every lab is equipped with the CAD/CAM technology that we are. Not every milling machine has the capability to mill the Zirlux FC material – but ours does! If you’re not up to speed with our in-lab technology, we have one of the most innovative scanners on the market, the 7Series 5-axis Dental Wings (DWOS) scanner which works with our WIELAND milling machine. These machines allow us to be part of the advancement currently happening in our industry. Its capabilities go much further than the Zirlux FC material, but if you’re interested in more details on our scanner and milling machine you can either visit our website or contact us for more information.

You should know we don’t rave about materials that we aren’t completely satisfied with. Materials pass through a multitude of internal lab tests and prerequisits for strength, fit, function and of course aesthetics. The Zirlux FC material truly delivered on every requirement we had; and the best part, we sell it at an unbelieveble price! What’s more, Henry Schein has a great priviledges program that allows you to collect points with every Zirlux FC crown you order from us. Visit their website for more priveledges information:

After all material talk is done, we must highlight that the most important part to any successful final restoration is not just the material, its team work! The dentist and lab must work together and have open communication – this is the key to success and a happy patient. With over 30 years experience, we can help you navigate through even the most difficult of cases. We’re here to work with you!

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