Titanium makes it's way back on the scene.

With the astronomical increase in the price of gold, the one good thing that has resulted is the emergence of testing and using new and old alternatives to gold.

A particularly good example of this is Titanium. Titanium for dental laboratory use (i.e. crown & bridge and cast partials) has been around for quite some time, but never really caught on as they say. The capital expenditure to set yourself up was prohibitively expensive and the results didn’t seem to justify those expenses.

Today, this product is much easier to sell thanks in part to the gold prices, but more so because it’s not the same product from 10 or so years ago. Milled medical grade Titanium, from a laboratory stand point, is a much more predictable and affordable product. We no longer have to make that huge capital investment in machinery to use it; we can rely on CAD/CAM technology since most of the implant companies with scanning capabilities produce a Titanium product.

So, now all we have to do is scan, click, send and the Titanium coping bridge or bar, just like with procera or zirconia copings, is produced perfectly and at a price that makes it very attractive considering it has so many of the qualities that we love about gold. The biocapability, the strength, and now with the new porcelains that have been developed, a new and exciting esthetic.

Gordana Dental Art Studio is a leader in quality esthetics and would not produce anything that we were not 100% happy with. After a lot of testing, we’ve been really happy and excited with the results we’ve been getting with Titanium. Unlike in the past, the new Titanium is a product that meets our high esthetic criteria and fills that price point gap that’s present now that gold is so pricey.

I think we can and should embrace the changes that have been forced on us, in this instance, due to high gold prices. But I believe that doctors and patient’s will be happier with the product now and we as technicians have another weapon in our arsenal against high prices.

Now that we’ve finished our testing and are happy, we’re pleased to announce that we are officially offering Titanium crowns to all our dentist. Please call to inquire about pricing.

Posted March 1, 2011 by Craig Mortimer, Lab Director @ Gordana Dental Art Studio